How To Make A Guys Self Tan Last Longer

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Without a doubt, the thing we get asked the most is how to extend the life of your fake tan to make it last longer. What makes self tanner so safe to use is that it only affects the outermost layers of your skin, but unfortunately that means it will not last as long as a natural tan on its own. You can expect most self tans to last between 5-10 days, but there’s plenty of ways to make your self tanner stay on longer to keep your skin looking its best 24/7/365. Here’s some helpful tips and tricks to keep your fake tan lasting longer:


#1 - Before Use - Groom & Shave before applying

If you keep your face clean shaven or spend time “manscaping”, we recommend getting those out of the way before applying self tanner. Shaving, especially with a razor & shaving cream, removes the top layer of your skin and can drastically reduce how long your self tanner will last. Shaving with an electric razor has its own downsides, almost always causing a mild burn to the skin. We strongly recommend that men who want to extend the life of their self tanner try to avoid shaving every day. The longer you can go between shaves / grooming, the longer your tan will last.


#2 - Before Use - Preparing your skin for self tanner

Because self tanner only affects the top layers of skin, it’s important to make sure that it's clean and that we’ve removed all the dirt, debris, and dead skin before applying. Taking a hot shower and scrubbing with a washcloth or loofah is an easy way to exfoliate your skin, open your pores and ensure your self tanner can be easily and evenly absorbed. Make sure to focus on areas where your skin is thicker or rough - usually around major joints like elbows, knees and ankles.

Obviously don’t go too crazy - red, irritated skin will lose moisture, which isn’t good.


#3 - Applying -  Dry skin

Now that you’ve showered and shaved, make sure you give your skin ample time to dry before applying self-tanner. Applying to dry skin will make sure it can soak in, reduces beading and allows it to go on more evenly.


#4 - After Applying - Let it work

After applying self tanner, give your skin 10-20 minutes to absorb it before getting dressed. If possible, wear loose-fitting clothes, preferably without sleeves or pant legs, so the tanner doesn’t rub off. If you are applying your self tanner at night (as we recommend), do it at least an hour or two before bed.

Give your self tanner a few hours to soak in before doing anything that could cause it to wear off, like showering, sweating, or exercising. We recommend up to 8 hours to be safe.


#5 - Keep your skin moisturized

In addition to being a good habit for healthy skin, keeping your skin moisturized will extend the life of your self tan by preventing it from drying out and flaking off. Applying a daily moisturizer, using a high quality body wash and staying hydrated by drinking lots of water can all help your tan last longer.


#6 - Things to Avoid

Anything that dries out or is harsh on your skin can significantly shorten the life of your tan. Things like chlorine, salt water, saunas, sun burns, acne products and aftershave can all take a toll on the lifespan of your tan. Obviously you’ll want to rock your self-tan at the beach or pool and we’re not saying you shouldn’t, but just be aware that it will require a bit more maintenance when you do.

#7 - Use Maintenance Drops

Unfortunately, even with all the suggestions above self tanner won't last forever. But like most things it takes less work (and less product) to maintain an already existing fake tan than it does to build up a new one. Applying just a few drops a couple of times a week can often be enough to keep your tan looking great. Maintenance drops have the added benefit of keeping your tan well blended, even if it fades faster from some areas than others. When using maintenance drops of self tanner, follow the same tips/tricks above.

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