Do the Self-Tan Drops even work that well?

  • No, they're GREAT!! And on top of that, our controlled dropper system helps you achieve customized tan results. So whether its your first time or you're an experienced self-tanner—we've got you covered.

How many drop should I use?

  • The number of drops will determine your level of tan. More drops = more tan. Please see the below per-limb drop guide to determine your ideal tan result: 

Per-limb drop guide:

1-4 drops: Very Light

5-8 drops: Light/Medium

9-12 drops: Medium/Dark

How long after I apply does it take to see results?

  • You will see results that mirror a natural sun tan within 6-8 hours after application. We recommend applying weekly in order to maintain consistent results.

What do I mix the drops with?

  • Any kind of lotion, moisturizer, oil or serum. If you're using our Everyday Moisturizer, we recommend using about 4-7 pumps of lotion per-limb. For other lotions, the standard amount you would typically apply "per-limb" should do the trick (about the size of a nickel is a good rule of thumb).

    Does hue work if I have facial or body hair?

    • Yes! hue self-tan drops work with body & facial hair. There will be no impact to hair or change in hair color.

    Can I use Self-Tan Drops on my face & body?

    • Yes to both.

    How do I get even darker results?

    • To achieve darker results, we recommend applying the drops for 2-3 days consistently to work your way up to your desired color. You can also increase the # of drops used (more drops = more tan). 

    How long does shipping normally take?

    • All orders are shipped out from our West Coast facility via USPS. Shipping normally takes 2-5 business days depending on your location. For international orders, please allow 7-21 business days for delivery.

    How is hue different from other tanning products?

    • Unlike many other self-tanning products, hue uses a cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and paraben-free formula that naturally darkens skin cells—leaving skin hydrated and refreshed. Our products will never stain, are completely unscented, applies in minutes and formulated to last all week long.