Top 5 Reasons Why Guys Should Use Self Tanner

mens self tanner


It’s become totally normal and acceptable for men to use self tanner, and for good reason. There’s a bunch of great benefits to having some tint in your skin beyond looking and feeling your best. In fact, movie stars like Ryan Gosling, Tom Cruise and George Clooney have notoriously used self tanners to look better on camera in some of their most iconic roles. If you’re a man considering a fake tan for yourself, here’s some things to consider:

#1 - Healthier and Better Looking Skin

We’ve all been asked the question before, “do you feel ok? You look a little pale”. 

Have you ever heard someone ask “do you feel ok? You look a little tan” Of course not! 

Simply put, the most obvious benefit of using self tanner is that your skin looks healthier. A tan covers up blemishes and imperfections, gives you a more even complexion and a nice radiant glow. 

#2 - Instantly Become More Attractive

Humans didn’t evolve to spend all their time indoors. That’s a recent phenomenon. But our biology hasn’t adapted and it’s been proven time and time again that women (and other men) rate guys with tanned skin more attractive.

#3 - Make your Muscles Look Bigger

Darker skin allows your muscle definition to shine through. A tan showcases the separation between muscles making them appear more toned. Bodybuilders have known this secret for years, which is why those guys always look like they slept in a tanning bed the night before the show.

In addition to highlighting muscle separation, creating additional muscle definition, and increasing the appearance of muscle tone, a tan can also make you appear slimmer, cover up stretch marks or scars, and increase confidence. The end result is a jacked, tanned, handsome man. Who doesn’t want that?

As a fun aside, did you know that some bodybuilding competitions now include the quality of fake tan in their judgements? That’s how prevalent using a great self tanner is among the world’s strongest men.

#4 - No harmful UV 

None of this means you should rush to the nearest beach or tanning bed to soak in those sweet, sweet UV-A and UV-B rays unless you’re in the market for some age spots, wrinkles, and cancer to go with it. In fact, recent studies have shown that use of a tanning bed can increase risk of melanoma by 75 percent.

Self tanner has been proven so safe and effective that the FDA & Skin Cancer Org have both recommended their use. The ingredient in self tanner that darkens skin, DHA, only affects the outermost layer of skin which is actually already dead. Meanwhile UV rays damage and kill skin cells far below the surface.

#5 - Boosts Your Confidence

Just like a fresh haircut or new clothes, self tanner is an easy way to boost your confidence and give off immaculate vibes. Pro athletes are often heard saying the phrase “look good, play good”, because when you look your best, you feel your best. And when you feel your best, you play your best.

Whether you’re a guy getting ready for a first date, an interview, a night out with the boys, a pool party with the hottest girls in school, or just looking to level up your look, the best self tanner is the one you use.

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