How many drop should I use?

  • Per-limb drop guide:

    1-4 drops: Very Light

    5-8 drops: Light/Medium

    9-12 drops: Medium/Dark

    You will see results that mirror a natural sun tan within 6-8 hours after application. Reapply weekly to maintain consistent results all year round.

Does hue work if I have facial or body hair?

  • Yes! hue self-tan drops work with body & facial hair. There will be no impact to hair or change in hair color whatsoever.

What kind of skin types does hue work with?

  • hue works on all skin types.

What do I mix the drops with?

  • You can mix your hue Self-tan drops with any kind of lotion, moisturizer, oil or serum. If using the Everyday Moisturizer, we recommend using 4-7 pumps of lotion per-limb.

How is hue different from other tanning products?

  • Unlike many other self-tanning products, hue uses a cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and paraben-free formula that naturally darkens skin cells—leaving skin hydrated and refreshed. Our products will never stain, are completely unscented and formulated to last as long as possible.

    Our controlled dropper system helps you achieve customized results. So whether its your first time or you're an experienced self-tanner—we've got you covered. 

How do I get darker results?
  • To achieve darker results, we recommend applying the drops for 2-3 days consistently to work your way up to your desired color. You can also increase the # of drops used (more drops = more tan). 

Do you ship internationally

  • Yes, we do ship internationally. You can select shipping methods at checkout.